Official ITF Epilates

Official ITF Epilates

The Founder General Choi required that everyone must know who is "In charge" in the class so he designed these badges and said that if you are a recognised "OFFICIAL ITF" Instructor or their Assistant then you must wear these as formal identification for everyone to see --- NOTE if your Instructor does not have these we suggest that you buy them a pair for their birthday or Christmas - a great way for you to show them your appreciation - DETAILS - They are all 9 x 9 cms square exactly correct according to the founders instructions and as shown on page 745 of the General's Condensed Encyclopaedia - They are supplied as a pair to be worn on each shoulder - Most come with adhesive on the back so you can position them with a hot iron before any stitches are used. 

* Boo-Sabum --- to be worn by all National 1st to 3rd Dan Instructors.

* Sabum --- to be worn by all 4th to 6th Dan International Instructors.

* Sahyun --- this is to be worn by all 7th Dan Master Instructors.

* Sonim,Sahyun --- to be worn by all 8th dan senior masters.

* Saseong --- to be worn by all 9th dan grand masters.