UKTI Black Belt Suit (1st-3rd Degree)

UKTI Black Belt Suit (1st-3rd Degree)

UKTI Doboks. Fully embroidered logos throughout with a quality cut and design. Elasticated tie waist and Inside pocket for your gum shield. Ribbed polycotton material with black ribbon and stripes stitched on.

Ribbed 8oz polycotton fabric material.
Jacket has a velcro closure in front.
Elasticated waistband with string tie.

All ITF logos are fully embroidered.

Suitable for Black Belt to 3rd Dan grade.
Available in sizes 0-7

0 - 126-132cm
1 - 134-140cm
2 - 142-150cm
3 -160cm
4 -170cm
5 -180cm
6 -190cm
7 -200cm